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Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum sheet manufacturer analyzes the quality factors affecting aluminum sheet

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    5052 aluminum sheet is a relatively mature product on the market. The price of 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively cheap compared with other products of 5 series. The 5052 aluminum sheet is continuously applied in the market, so the quality requirement for 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively high. So what are the factors that affect the quality of the 5052 aluminum sheet?
    The first application is the aluminum alloy melting furnace; how to melt the alloy to cast a good aluminum alloy, which depends on many aspects, such as furnaces and fuels, advanced round furnaces, general furnaces, no matter which kind of fuel, There is a chimney to discharge the exhaust slag of the fuel. If there is no chimney, only the aluminum veneer of inferior quality can be produced, and there are serious slag bubbles inside because the exhaust slag is all melted in the aluminum water.
    Another type is alloying elements; the main configuration element of aluminum alloy is that the content ratio of aluminum, magnesium and silicon in the process of making aluminum alloy has a strict range, and these contents directly determine the quality of aluminum veneer profiles. In addition, each aluminum panel manufacturer has its own data, and does not say each other.
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