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Mingtai Aluminum sheet manufacturer explain the usage of 5052 aluminum sheet

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5052 alloy aluminum sheet is a representative product of 5 series alloy aluminum sheet. Its product performance is superior and it is widely used in various industries. It describes the application of 5052 alloy aluminum sheet in gis high voltage switch and electronic products.
Gis high voltage switch - using 5052 wide aluminum sheet
    The gis high-voltage switch can be mainly made of 5052 aluminum sheet and 5083 alloy aluminum sheet. The 1060 aluminum sheet, 3003 aluminum sheet and 5754 aluminum alloy sheet are relatively small. The thickness of the aluminum alloy high-voltage switch is generally between 4-90mm and the width is generally between 700-2700mm. 
Electronics - using high-end oxidized aluminum
    As a raw material, the 5052 aluminum sheet has many processes such as spraying and laser engraving. It has a beautiful appearance and is favored by consumers.
    The 5052 oxidized aluminum sheet has higher hardness than the 1st and 3rd aluminum alloys, and has the advantages of easy coloring, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc., so the processing cost is higher, because the 5052 alloy aluminum sheet has a strong Hardness, so it is used in the appearance of the notebook to ensure that the later consumers are not deformed during use and are resistant to impact.
    Mingtai Aluminum always believes that we will supply the market with high quality products, and the market will definitely return us with satisfactory profits. Only by using good products in exchange for customer trust can we continue to make profits, and the company can continue to develop. Mingtai Aluminum has increased its investment in product research products, and at the same time introduced advanced equipment. The 5052 aluminum sheet products can be produced in a wide range of 2,600 mm. Product quality is stable.