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5052 aluminum sheet realizes the transition of car from "high energy consumption" to "low emission"

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    The curtain of lightweight vehicles has been opened, and the penetration rate of aluminum alloy auto parts has been expanding. According to relevant data, in 2015, the market penetration rate of aluminum alloy in automobile body and cover parts was only 6.6%. In recent years, with the increasing awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, people are paying more and more attention to the lightweighting of automobiles. By 2025, the market penetration of aluminum alloys will increase significantly.
    Among the many aluminum alloys, the 5 series and 6 series aluminum alloys have excellent application effects in the field of automobile manufacturing, especially the 5052 aluminum sheet. It is a versatile rust-proof aluminum sheet with high strength, especially fatigue resistance, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, good weldability and polishing. The 5052 aluminum sheet is an aluminum alloy that cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It is suitable for complex shapes such as the inner panel of the vehicle body, and can also be used for automobile skins, doors, automobile engine outer panels, automobile fuel tanks, and the like.
    The 5052 aluminum sheet has high strength, high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and small tendency of weld cracks to ensure the safety performance of the car. In addition, the 5052 aluminum sheet can effectively reduce the weight of the car body and reduce fuel consumption, thus achieving the transition from “high energy consumption” to “low energy consumption and low emissions”. According to relevant statistics, the weight of the car is reduced by 10%, and the fuel consumption will be reduced by 6%-8%. It can be seen that the lightweight of automobiles has great significance, which not only can alleviate the energy crisis to a certain extent, but also contribute to the control of environmental pollution.
    Mingtai Aluminum supplies automotive aluminum sheets including 5083, 5754, 5052 alloy aluminum sheets, etc. These aluminum sheets are widely used in automotive parts and have good market response. Currently, they have been mass-produced for customers, and the price of 5052 aluminum sheets is also available.