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Mingtai Aluminum 2mm 5052 aluminum sheet is praised

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    Some people often ask, can you do 2mm 5052 aluminum sheet? 5mm, can you do 1 meter wide? How much is the price? Here is a small series for everyone to introduce the price of 2mm5052 aluminum sheet.
What is the price of 2mm5052 aluminum sheet?
2mm 5052 alloy aluminum sheet specific price = Yangtze River aluminum ingot price + 5052 alloy aluminum sheet processing fee
The price of Yangtze River aluminum ingots can be based on the price of aluminum ingots released on platforms such as Shi Aluminum and Nonferrous Metals. The processing cost of 5052 aluminum alloy is related to length and width.
5052 alloy aluminum sheet is a common aluminum sheet on the market, the thickness is 2/3/4/5mm, these are the regular thickness, most aluminum sheet manufacturers can produce, the competition is fierce, everyone will fight the price war, then the price of 2mm5052 is relatively cheaper. On the contrary, the manufacturer of aluminum sheets capable of producing thicknesses of less than 1 mm is relatively small, and the materials are rare, so the thickness of 502 aluminum sheets of 1 mm is relatively expensive.
5052 alloy aluminum sheet market common width is 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, these are the regular width, then the price of 5052 aluminum sheet is also relatively cheap, the opposite width of 1800mm or more, which belongs to the range of ultra-wide aluminum sheet, the domestic aluminum sheet manufacturers can also produce Less, the price of the 5052 ultra-wide aluminum sheet is also relatively expensive.
    In general, the conventional width 2mm 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively cheap, and the ultra-wide width (1800mm or more) 2mm 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively expensive.
2mm5052 aluminum sheet recommended Mingtai Aluminum
    Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum sheet manufacturer, the main production of 5052 aluminum sheet is mainly high-end oxidized aluminum sheet and 5052 ultra-wide aluminum sheet (width up to 2600mm), which is widely used in GIS housing, LCD backplane, automobile and marine aluminum panels. aspect.
    If you want to know the specific price of 2mm5052 aluminum sheet, please contact Mingtai Aluminum, please provide specific specifications (length, width, thickness) and dosage. We arrange a professional business manager to quote you. Even if you don't know the specific alloy specifications, you can provide the application, and the business manager will recommend the right aluminum products for you.