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aluminum sheet manufacturer explain how to improve the quality of 3601 thick 6061 alloy aluminum sheet

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    The main element of 6061 alloy aluminum sheet alloy is magnesium. The 6061 alloy aluminum sheet has excellent processing properties, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, easy color film and excellent oxidation effect. There are not many manufacturers producing 6061 aluminum sheet. How to improve the quality of 6061 aluminum sheet?
1. Technology upgrade
In order to improve the quality of 6061 aluminum sheet, the first thing that needs to be done is to improve the technology. Only by improving the production technology of aluminum sheet products can lay the foundation for improving work efficiency and reducing production cost. For the development of aluminum sheet manufacturers, technology is the first Productivity needs to be addressed in the process of development.
2, material check
The development of 3mm6061 alloy aluminum sheet also needs to check the raw materials. This is the factor that determines the performance and quality of the 6061 aluminum alloy sheet. It should be noted when selecting. The improvement of product quality is mainly in this aspect. When you need to choose the best quality materials for production.
3. Accumulate experience
6061 aluminum sheet to improve product quality also needs to be done is the accumulation of experience, this is also a relatively important factor, with experience, the production of the product will reduce the productivity of the defective product, in the process of development needs priority Pay attention to this and produce quality products as much as possible.
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