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How much is per ton of food container foil? - Mingtai Aluminium

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Aluminum foil container is a kind of environmentally friendly tableware which is widely used at present.It is especially common in many restaurants, food stores, and airplanes.The raw material of aluminum foil container is food container foil. This kind of aluminum foil not only meets the national food container hygiene standards,at the same time, it also conforms to the current international environmental protection trend,achieve two things at one stroke.And the food container foil has good barrier, shading and sealing properties, the bearable temperature range is large, which can be frozen and heated directly, which brings great convenience to people's fast-paced life.

Mingtai is a professional food container foil manufacturer. It can supply 3003, 3004, 8006, 8011 aluminum foil for making container aluminum foil, state O, H22, H24, thickness range 0.02-0.055mm, width 100-1600mm.Mingtai Aluminium can customize the production of food container foil according to user needs, delivery time is 7-35 days.

Why is food container foil so popular?

The food container foil is light in weight and meets the national food sanitation standard, and belongs to the renewable resource and has high recovery and utilization rate.The food container foil is non-toxic, is convenient for heating , doesn’t generate harmful substances, can protect the food well, and prolongs the shelf life. At present, the application of food container foil in supermarkets and restaurants is becoming more and more popular and the future is bright.

food container foil

How much is per ton of food container foil?

According to the above introduction,you can understand that the food container foil is more than one alloy number ,and has multiple states and specifications, different alloys, widths, thicknesses, and the product price are different. Quote about food container foil:The price of aluminium foil is equal to "aluminium ingot price + processing fee".You should to confirm the aluminum foil alloy number, status and specifications required by the company need,to get the price of the corresponding products.If you don't know much about these indicators, you can also tell us about your use, We will provide you with the most suitable aluminum products for you.Welcome to contact us for food container foil or other aluminum sheet/coil/foil products, Mingtai Aluminium will provide you with the best price in the industry!

food container foil