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Food packaging foil supplied by Mingtai food packaging foil manufacturer

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Introduction of Food packaging foil

In our daily life, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage packaging, and food packaging are related to food packaging foil. The commonly used food packaging foil is 8011 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil is also a kind of pp caps foil. Food packaging foil has the advantages of food grade, moisture proof, shading, abrasion resistance, good sealing, etc, which can be used in the food packaging field to protect foods from damage to the utmost extent. It is susceptible to printing of various patterns and stripes, and is a very popular aluminum foil in food packaging. It’s the market prospect is very good, then I introduce you to the application of food packaging foil in the food field.

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Application of Food packaging foil

1. Cooked food packaging. Such as instant noodles, snacks, etc. With the development of the cooked food industry, the demand for cooked food packaging is increasing, and most merchants will choose food packaging foil for cooked food packaging.

2.Chocolate, candy packaging. Long ago, chocolate and candy were mostly packaged in tin foil, but the lead contained in tin foil was very harmful to the human body. With the development of the world aluminum processing industry, food packaging foil has replaced tin foil as the mainstream chocolate and candy packaging material. Safe and non-toxic, the current global chocolate and candy are basically packaged in food packaging foil, and the market demand is extremely large.

3.Milk product packaging. The current mainstream packaging materials for solid milk products are aluminum-plastic composite packaging, such as milk powder. Liquid milk products are mostly packaged in aluminum foil carton.

After learning about the application of food packaging foil, we will find it used in many areas of daily life. Which food packaging foil manufacturer can supply the quality and affordable food packaging foil? I think Mingtai Aluminum is your best choice.

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Professional food packaging foil manufacturer - Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum is Chinese largest food packaging foil manufacturer, with professional production technology and advanced production equipment, and have an annual output of 900,000 tons. It can produce food packaging foil according to customers' needs, which can satisfy customers' large-volume ordering and can provide the lowest food packaging foil price in the industry. Mingtai Aluminum is a world-renowned food packaging foil manufacturer, more than 80 countries and regions are using Mingtai Aluminum products. The quality of the products is guaranteed and the customer recognition is extremely high. The after-sales service is comprehensive, you can purchase with confidence, if you have a demand for food packaging foil or other aluminum sheet / coil / foil products, welcome to contact us!

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