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Mingtai Aluminum supply good price electrode foil

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What is the electrode foil?

Electrode foil is a kind of electronic foil, it is made by hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, cleaning and cutting of aluminum ingot. The electrode foil is mainly divided into 1,3,8 series, which is mainly used in electronic components and other fields.

electrode foil

Which company is the best electrode foil manufacturer?

Mingtai Aluminum is equipped with advanced electrode foil production equipment to meet customers' large-volume customization, complete specifications, high quality and best price, welcome to contact us!(E-mail:

electrode foil

Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum electrode foil

1. Advanced equipment to ensure that the electrode foil has a good shape

The company introduces advanced aluminum foil rolling mills and ANDRITZ shape rolls, and uses full hydraulic control, high-precision pressure sensors to ensure that the electrode foil has a good shape.

2. Strictly control the processing system to ensure high purity of the electrode foil and complete specifications

Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the processing quality, texture, grain structure and composition of the electrode foil. The product performance has reached the international advanced level and the specifications are complete.

electrode foil

Mingtai Aluminum electrode foil is very popular in the market

Mingtai Aluminum has a high market share of electrode foil and battery soft aluminum foil, reaching about 50%. In addition to the market share, the electrode foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has no defects such as bright wires. The product quality is superior and the performance is superior. It has won unanimous praise in the international market. If you have any demand for electrode foil, please contact us, E-mail, we will provide you the best price!

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