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Buy food container foil choose Mingtai Aluminum

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Food container foil introduction

As the demand for food hygiene continues to increase, food container foil have gradually replaced the previous plastic lunch boxes and become more widely used tableware. The food container foil adopts the latest and most scientific surface coating technology and high temperature sterilization and decontamination technology. The food container foil produced is beautiful in appearance and has been widely used in aviation, shipping, hotels and other industries. The food container foil is 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil and 5052 aluminum foil.

Since disposable lunch boxes are mostly made of plastic materials, although they are low cost and easy to use, the hygiene situation is indeed worrying. Long-term use of disposable lunch boxes can endanger human health. Moreover, disposable plastic lunch boxes cannot be recycled, causing serious environmental pollution. The 8011 food container foil can save people from worries.

Food container foil

Food container foil supplier

For food container foils produced by Mingtai Aluminum, the thickness of the aluminum foil is usually between 0.014 mm and 0.20 mm, and the width is usually between 100 mm and 1650 mm. Equipped with advanced equipment to ensure the flatness of food container foil products, uniform color, no spots, safe and hygienic. Feel free to contact us to order food container foil, we will provide customers with the best price!

Food container foil