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Mingtai Aluminum's tape foil performance is excellent

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In recent years, aluminum foil has been widely used in China, especially packaging materials. In addition, aluminum foil has a good application effect in the fields of electronics, mobile phones, computers, LED displays and the like. Tape foil is the main raw and auxiliary material for refrigerators and freezers, and is also a necessary raw material for insulation materials.

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In order to meet market demand, good shielding packaging materials such as tape foil, plastic film and spray foil have been developed, but their overall performance is not as good as coating and lamination. Tape foil is a perfect packaging material with many excellent properties. It has broad application prospects in many fields.

tape foil

The tape foil must achieve oxygen, moisture, high temperature and bactericidal properties. We continue to use new packaging materials and new technologies, new technologies, and constantly innovate products to ensure product safety.

tape foil

Mingtai Aluminum is a large tape foil manufacturer, which is mainly used to make aluminum foil tape. The 1235 tape foil and 8011 tape foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum are the raw material sources for various aluminum foil tape manufacturers at home and abroad. Mingtai Aluminum can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of tape foil. The company strictly controls the production process. The tape foil is produced with good coloring, high light reflectivity, heat insulation, moisture proof and sound insulation. If you have a demand for tape foil ,Welcome to contact us!