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Mingtai Aluminum supply good price aluminum foil for pp caps

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In daily life, for example, some alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, oral liquids, milk powder caps, cosmetic bottle caps, etc., they are usually made of aluminum foil for pp caps. Because aluminum foil for pp caps has the characteristics of no pollution, good processing performance and high recovery rate, it is favored by major manufacturers. 8011 aluminum foil for pp caps is one of the most attractive products in the market bottle material industry.

aluminum foil for pp caps

8011 is widely used in aluminum foil, and aluminum panels are not commonly used. By adding iron and silicon, 8011 aluminum foil for pp caps outperforms pure aluminum foil. The 8011 aluminum foil for pp caps process is divided into cast rolling and hot rolling. The 8011-H18 is mainly suitable for stamping shallow covers. The 8011H16 is an important member of the hot-rolled aluminum anti-theft cover material. It has a thickness range of 0.15-0.27 mm, a thickness tolerance of (+0.005 mm), a width of 330-1000 mm, a width tolerance of (+1 mm), and a tensile strength of 150-165 Mpa, the elongation is more than 2%, the board surface is meticulous, no obvious rolling marks, no oil stains, no scratches and other defects. 8011 aluminum foil for pp caps and wine cover materials are slightly different in the production process, and the annealing is different.

aluminum foil for pp caps

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. supplies good price aluminum foil for pp caps, with mature production technology, stable performance, wide application range and good reputation. It is well received by customers. Welcome to contact us!