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Mingtai Aluminum supply high quality household aluminum foil

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Household aluminum foil is a new type of packaging material that has emerged in recent years, which is very popular. It is usually made of 3003 or 8011 aluminum foil, and widely used in food preservation and cooking. In developed countries, because the characteristics of household foil is recyclable, its use amount are growing rapidly and are loved deeply by consumers. Next, Mingtai Aluminum will introduce you to 8011 household aluminum foil.

household aluminum foil

Introduction of 8011 household aluminum foil

8011 household aluminum foil is cold-rolled or hot-rolled with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinholes, non-toxic and tasteless, free of heavy metals and other harmful substances, which can be in direct contact with food, so as to be used for food storage and cooking with good sealing performance, strong barrier property, good heat preservation. It can effectively extend the shelf life of food.

8011 household aluminum foil

Use of household foil

Household foil can be used for cooking, because it shows good thermal conductivity. Whether it is steaming or grilling, we can use it. For example, use it to cook a fish, just put a suitable household aluminum foil, put fish and seasonings, then fold the aluminum foil tightly and steam it into the steamer, so it can completely preserve the delicious food.

Household foil also can be used to store food. Because of its strong sealing property. It is the best choice for storing food and can effectively isolate food from the outside world, prevent the mixing of taste between foods, and prevent food from being contaminated by external bacteria. It is a product that people often use in their daily lives.

household foil

Which household aluminum foil manufacturer is better?

Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd is a large-scale household aluminum foil supplier and manufacturer in China, which introduced advanced equipment and technology. It produces household foil with high strength, good puncture resistance, good surface quality and stable performance. It is well received by customers all over the world. Favorite, the products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, so as to became a world-famous supplier of household foil. Its product specifications are complete and can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Mingtai Aluminum established four large production bases with large scale to meet the customer's large-scale customization, which is not possible for ordinary aluminum foil manufacturers. If you have any demand for household aluminum foil, please contact us, we will provide you the best price!

household aluminum foil