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Mingtai Aluminium introduce aluminum foil for honeycomb panels advantage

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Aluminum foil for honeycomb panels has the advantages of high level, light weight, waterproof, impact resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. It is widely used in building curtain walls, vehicle decoration, ceilings and other fields. The honeycomb core is the internal filler of the honeycomb panel and is an important component of the honeycomb structural material.

aluminum foil for honeycomb panels

The commonly used aluminum foil for honeycomb panels is 3003 aluminum foil, the state is H18, and the thickness ranges from 0.03 to 0.08 mm. In addition, some aluminum foil for honeycomb panels use 5052 aluminum foil, but because of the high cost, the amount is small.

aluminum foil for honeycomb panels

What are the advantages of aluminum foil for honeycomb panels?

1. Flame retardant, heat insulation, sound insulation and shockproof effect.

2. The surface treated with epoxy fluorocarbon has strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no cracking and no foaming.

3. Composite structure and function, with strong rigidity and tear resistance, stable performance.

4. Intelligent functional materials, light texture, convenient transportation, reusable, relatively low carbon and environmental protection.

5. It is decorative, easy to process and easy to install and disassemble.

aluminum foil for honeycomb panels

Aluminum foil manufacturer for honeycomb panels

Mingtai aluminum foil for honeycomb panels has a high market share. The company introduces the world's most advanced aluminum foil rolling mill and uses ANDRITZ coils to ensure the production of high quality aluminum foil for honeycomb panels. The aluminum foil for honeycomb panels produced by Mingtai Aluminium has the advantages of food grade, clean degreasing, less pinholes, good shape of the product plate, no deformation and cutting. If you need aluminum foil for honeycomb panels, please contact us!