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Mingtai Aluminium supply and introduce battery aluminum foil performance

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Battery packaging materials generally use 8079 battery aluminum foil, so why use 8079 aluminum foil as lithium battery packaging material? What are the performance of battery aluminum foil? Mingtai Aluminium is introduced below for you.

battery aluminum foil performance

8079 battery aluminum foil performance

8079 battery aluminum foil performance:it has high strength, good elongation and good pressure. It can suppress the polarization of the battery, reduce the thermal effect, improve the rate performance, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and increase the dynamic internal resistance of the battery. In addition, aluminum foil packaging can increase the cycle life of the battery, improve the adhesion of the active material to the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the electrode. Most importantly, packaging lithium batteries with aluminum foil can significantly improve battery pack consistency and significantly reduce battery production costs.

battery aluminum foil performance

Battery aluminum foil application

The battery has the advantages of good safety, light weight, large capacity, small internal resistance and good cycle performance. In the digital arena, with the small size, light weight and flexibility of consumer electronics, the characteristics of the battery become more and more obvious. In the field of new energy vehicles, battery aluminum foil can reduce the weight of the car and increase the cruising range. In addition, the battery has a good application effect in the field of drones and energy storage.

battery aluminum foil performance

Mingtai Aluminium supply 8079 battery aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminium uses the ANDRITZ coil to produce 8079 battery aluminum foil, which guarantees the good shape of the board. The surface of the product is more even and flat, and the shape of the plate is flat. In addition, Honeywell's thickness gauges ensure precise control of exit thickness and increase the surface tension of the 8079 battery foil with no less than 32 dynes under the Dyne pen test. The error of the aluminum foil coil is not greater than (+ 1.0mm). If you need aluminum foil for your battery, please contact us, E-mail: , we will provide the best price for customers!