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Which cable aluminum foil manufacturer is better? - Mingtai Aluminium

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Aluminum foil has the effect of electromagnetic shielding. Cables are made of aluminium and plastic composite foil, which is coated with plastic film on one or both sides of aluminium foil and is used as the shield of cables. There are many types of cable foil on the market, such as 1235, 1060, 1050, 1100, 8011 aluminum foil, and so on. There are many cable foil manufacturers. How to choose high-quality and low-cost cable foil? Henan Mingtai Aluminium Industry - professional aluminum foil manufacturer summarized this, hoping to help you.

cable foil manufacturer

1. Determine your own needs and proceed from reality

Customers first need to determine their own needs, including product specifications, technical parameters level requirements, so that when docking with the sales staff of cable foil manufacturers, they will have a more purposeful communication.

2. Examining the Ability of Enterprises

When choosing cable foil manufacturer, we should consider such factors as technical level, scale strength, delivery date and after-sales service of the manufacturer. It is suggested that you go to some large and well-known manufacturers to choose and purchase cable foil. The quality of cable foil is guaranteed, and the pre-sale and after-sale service will be perfect.

3. The manufacturer can provide sample testing or field investigation

Mingtai Aluminium Industry is a professional cable foil manufacturer, which can provide samples and original quality assurance. At present, there is a flood of information on the Internet, which cable foil quality is better is difficult to determine, so customers can go to field visits if it is convenient, so it is more intuitive.

cable foil manufacturer

In the cable foil manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminium Industry is professional, Henan Mingtai Aluminium Industry is a large-scale raw material manufacturer of cable foil. The 1235-O and 8011-O aluminum foil produced by the company, with thickness of 0.1-0.2mm, are often used to manufacture cable shielding foil. The products are clean in oil removal, and the number of pinholes is strictly controlled. After testing, the performance of the products is far beyond the National standard, so they can be purchased at ease, welcome to order cable foil!

cable foil manufacturer