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Food container foil supplier introduce food container foil advantage

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Today, the living standards of the Chinese people are gradually improving, environmental awareness is increasing, and healthy eating is slowly changing. Use food container foil instead of plastic and foam lunch boxes and cartons.

food container foil common specifications: thickness 0.03-0.2, most alloys are 3003 aluminum foil/8011 aluminum foil.

food container foil advantage

Advantages of food container foil

1. The raw materials meet the requirements of national standards, do not contain six kinds of harmful metal elements, and the quality is safe and reliable.

2. Food container foil is resistant to high temperatures. The container contains soup or water. It can be heated in an open flame or placed directly on the induction cooker.

3. Food container foil insulation effect is very good, raw materials have good thermal conductivity, heat transfer speed.

4. The sealed food container foil can protect the original taste of the food, extend the shelf life of the food, and is not easy to leak.

5. Recycling resources, the above food container foil is more convenient, environmentally friendly and saves resources.

food container foil advantage

Food container foil supplier

For food container foil produced by Mingtai Aluminium, the thickness of aluminum foil is generally between 0.014mm and 0.20mm, and the width is generally between 100 mm and 1650mm. Equipped with advanced equipment to ensure the flatness of food container foil products. Food container foil surface clean, uniform color, no spots, safety and health. Welcome contact us to order food container foil, we will provide customers with the most favorable price!

food container foil supplier