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Grilling aluminum foil basic material produced by Mingtai Aluminum

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Grilling aluminum foil advantages

grilling aluminum foil is usually used for baking or grilling. There are several advantages to using grilling aluminum foil: first, it can prevent food from sticking to the baking tray, which is convenient for cleaning the baking tray. Second, when baking food with seasoning, it can prevent the fragrance from falling off; Third, it prevents moisture loss and keeps food. The palate is refreshing and smooth; fourth, when baking bread or cake, it is covered with a grilling aluminum foil to prevent the surface from becoming too dark; fifth, it can evenly heat the food and prevent burning.

grilling aluminum foil basic material

Grilling aluminum foil basic material introduction

The grilling aluminum foil base material must be food grade and well sealed. The 8011 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum is food grade, safe and sanitary. Mingtai Aluminum has an online pinhole tester and a plate tester to ensure that the surface of grilling aluminum foil base material is clean and flat, as well as sealed. Recently, Mingtai Aluminum Company has received many orders for grilling aluminum foil base materials. The 8011 aluminum foil is 18-25 microns thick and has five processing equipment. Another customer purchased 8011 aluminum foil with a thickness of 20 microns. The customer's purchase amount is 10 tons per month. Cooperation has been reached.

grilling aluminum foil basic material

Mingtai Aluminum Group is one of the top ten aluminum foil producers in China. 3-2000 tons of grilling aluminum foil base material can be ordered. Product quality is stable. It is exported to the world at an affordable price, please contact us to order!

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