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How to distinguish the quality of the food container foil?

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In the production process of food container foil, processes such as manufacturing, finishing, annealing and packaging are needed. In the chain production process, any link problems may lead to the quality problems of food container foil.

food container foil

According to the experience, the good quality damage of aluminium foil can be detected directly by binocular inspection. However, in order to distinguish good from bad of food container foil, we should first understand the common quality defects of foil, and then check the quality problems of common foil, in order to absolutely store the food container foil with quality defects.

Today, we sort out the most complete problem of food container foil, when we buy back the foil, we only need to diagnose a comprehensive problem for this group of foil, its quality is good or bad naturally can be obtained!

food container foil

Food container foil quality defect problem

1. Surface bubbles

Food container foil with surface air bubble deficiency will have irregular circular or strip void protrusion on the material surface.

The convex edge is smooth, the two sides are not symmetrical, and the distribution is irregular. The surface bubbles make the force of each point of the aluminum strip unbalanced, which may lead to the breaking machine.

2. Aluminum bruising

Aluminum collision damage refers to the damage on the surface or end surface of materials after collision with other objects during transportation or storage.

Most of the collision injuries are caused by carelessness in food container foil packaging.

3. Corrosion

Defects on the surface of aluminium alloys occur when the surface of aluminium alloys is in contact with the surrounding media after chemical or electrochemical reactions occur.

The surface of corroded food container foil will lose luster, and gray corrosion products will be produced in severe cases. Corroded of food container foil will have a great impact on the final product aesthetics.

food container foil

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