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The best label aluminum foil price provided by Mingtai Aluminum

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With the development of logistics, the aluminum foil labels are very widely used, the label aluminum foil is mainly made of 1235 aluminum foil, compared with the ordinary aluminum foil label, the label made of 1235 aluminum foil has a longer use time, safe and environmentally friendly. So how much is the label aluminum foil price? Next, Mingtai Aluminum will answer you.

The specific label aluminum foil price still depends on the actual specifications, there are three factors that affect its price: product specifications and models, production costs, market aluminum ingot prices.

label aluminum foil price

1.product specifications and models

Label aluminum foil thickness, length and width are different, the label aluminum foil price is not the same, the aluminum foil with the same length and width is thinner and the price is more expensive.

2.production costs

In the process of producing the label aluminum foil, the capital investment also directly affects the label aluminum foil price, such as label aluminum foil aluminum ingot raw material quality, production process, technical content, human, material input. Of course, the more energy invested, the better the quality of the products you produce.

3.Market aluminum ingot price fluctuations

In general, the aluminum processing industry quotation is that the price of aluminum ingots accounts for a certain proportion, and the price of aluminum ingots in the market is unpredictable, so the label aluminum foil price will also be different.

label aluminum foil price

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