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Air conditioning aluminum foil supplied by Mingtai Aluminum

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air conditioning aluminum foil introduction

Air conditioning aluminum foil is mainly used to make heat exchanger fins for air conditioners, it is made of 8011 aluminum foil or 3003 aluminum foil, and air conditioning aluminum foil is divided into plain aluminum foil and hydrophilic coated aluminum foil due to different performances. Plain aluminum foil refers to air conditioning aluminum foil with no surface treatment, it is mainly used for low-grade split air conditioner outdoor unit. Hydrophilic coated aluminum foil refers to deep-process air conditioning aluminum foil based on plain aluminum foil and adding anti-corrosion coating and hydrophilic coating, the hydrophilic coated aluminum foil surface has good hydrophilicity, it can enhance the ventilation effect of the air conditioner heat exchanger, improve the heat exchange rate of 5%, and the hydrophilic coated aluminum foil also has other advantages such as anti-corrosion and no odor, it is mainly used in medium and high grade air conditioning.

air conditioning aluminum foil

Air conditioning aluminum foil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a well-known large air conditioning aluminum foil manufacturer in China, it can produce air conditioning aluminum foil with various specifications, which has the advantages of good coating performance, high coating adhesion, good hydrophilicity and good corrosion resistance, the annual production reaches 1 million tons.

Mingtai Aluminum is the industry leader in air conditioning aluminum foil, we pay attention to the brand effect, which provide customers with good service guarantee, and equipped with world-class production equipment and production technology to meet the customized needs of customers around the world, we strictly monitor the quality of each process in the manufacturing process, products through ISO and other certification, after years of customer word of mouth accumulation, the brand of Mingtai Aluminum is very famous in the world, and the price of product is very affordable, we are the best choice for you to order air conditioning aluminum foil, welcome to contact us!

air conditioning aluminum foil manufacturer air conditioning aluminum foil manufacturer