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electronic aluminum foil supplied by Mingtai Aluminum

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electronic aluminum foil introduction

The electronic aluminum foil is mainly used in the field of electronic components, it is made by hot-rolling high-purity aluminum ingot into aluminum sheet, further cold-rolled and annealed, the main raw material is 3003 aluminum foil. Mingtai Aluminum can produce high quality electronic aluminum foil with the following advantages:

1. Strictly control the thickness of the finished product to keep up and down within 4%.

2. Ensure that the end faces are aligned, no burrs, etc.

3. The surface is smooth, no oil spots, no bright lines, no roll printing, no bumps, etc.

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electronic aluminum foil

electronic aluminum foil application

The electronic aluminum foil is widely used in capacitors, capacitors can be divided into three categories: aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and film capacitors, among them, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are the largest amount of all electronic capacitor products, the rapid development of the capacitor manufacturing industry has led to an increasing demand for electronic aluminum foil. Due to the high difficulty in the production of electronic aluminum foil required for the manufacture of capacitor anodes, many countries have insufficient internal supply capacity and need to be purchased from outside, Mingtai Aluminum as the largest electronic aluminum foil manufacturer in China, it exports electronic aluminum foil to more than 90 countries around the world, with an annual export volume of 650,000 tons, the brand is widely known all over the world, the product quality is guaranteed, and the price is low, welcome to order electronic aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum!

electronic aluminum foil manufacturer