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Answer questions about grilling aluminum foil - Mingtai Aluminum

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Many friends have a lot of questions about the grilling aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum has collected some of the questions and answered them one by one below. If you need a safe and reliable grilling aluminum foil, welcome contact Mingtai Aluminum to order!

grilling aluminum foil

answer questions about grilling aluminum foil

1.Can i grill hamburgers on grilling aluminum foil?

Many recipes require that the hamburger patties be placed directly on the grill, which will cause their gravy to loss, become very dry and hard, affecting the taste and nutrition. Using the grilling aluminum foil can help you keep the gravy in the hamburger patties on the barbecue, upon completion, the taste of the hamburger patties will be better, so you can grill hamburgers on grilling aluminum foil.

grilling aluminum foil

2.Which side of the grilling aluminum foil should touch the food?

Most people have this question, the grilling aluminum foil has a matte side and a glossy side, surprisingly, there is no difference between them, any side can be in contact with food, the difference between them is because of the side in contact with the highly polished steel roll will become shiny during the process.

grilling aluminum foil

3.Will aluminum be immersed in food when using the grilling aluminum foil?

Studies have shown that the grilling aluminum foil is safe and does not separate out aluminum into the food during use, because the grilling aluminum foil forms an oxide film when it comes into contact with air, this oxide film is very fine and stable, it can prevent aluminum separate out.

grilling aluminum foil

The above is Mingtai Aluminum answer to questions about grilling aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum can provide good price grilling aluminum foil, welcome to order!