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Grilling aluminum foil made by Mingtai Aluminum

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Grilling aluminum foil introduction

Grilling aluminum foil is an indispensable tool for grilling delicious food, it is mainly made of 8011 aluminum foil. Grilling aluminum foil has the advantages of high temperature resistance, food grade, good thermal conductivity, non-sticky food, etc, it makes the food evenly heated, can completely preserve the nutrition and taste of food, the price is cheap, and easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe, Mingtai Aluminum can produce high-quality Grilling aluminum foil, currently, it supplies the grilling aluminum foil to more than 1,000 large enterprises around the world, the brand is very famous and the products are trustworthy, welcome to contact us!

grilling aluminum foil

Is grilling aluminum foil safe?

There have been medical reports that the level of aluminum found in Alzheimer's patients is higher than ordinary people, so hastily concluded that aluminum can cause Alzheimer's disease, this report received the attention of the global medical community after its release, and spread to the society, cause most consumers to have the impression that aluminum can cause Alzheimer's disease. But, the experiment needs to be repetitive and rigorous, in the validation process of many other scholars, did not reach the same conclusion, and in a questioning voice, the author of the original medical report also pointed out that there were imperfect operations in the experiment, the test items were placed in an aluminum box for refrigerated storage, this leads to the wrong conclusion of the experiment, and whether aluminum would The cause of Alzheimer's disease is still unclear.

The answer to whether the grilling aluminum foil will separate out aluminum ions and enter the consumer body is also negative. Aluminum can form an oxide film in the air, the oxide film is stable in nature and can prevent separate out of aluminum ions, so grilling aluminum foil is very safe for cooking.

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grilling aluminum foil