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3005 aluminum sheet price - Mingtai Aluminum

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3005 aluminum sheet price

Because the 3005 aluminum sheet price is affected by the processing fee and the price of the aluminum ingot, the price of the aluminum ingot will fluctuate every day, so the 3005 aluminum sheet price will also be affected. Welcome to contact us for the latest price and hope to cooperate with you!

3005 aluminum sheet

3005 aluminum sheet advantage

3005 aluminum sheet has good moisture resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, good deep drawing performance, formability and welding performance, and tensile strength up to 200N per square millimeter.

3005 aluminum sheet manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer and service provider specializing in the production and sale of aluminum sheet/coil/foil with outstanding products, technologies and services, the majority of downstream manufacturers continue to benefit. Nowadays, many fields at home and abroad Thousands of projects condense the contribution of Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum can produce 3005 aluminum sheet with good aluminum sheet price, the size is cut according to customer needs, welcome to contact us!

3005 aluminum sheet manufacturer