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PP Al sheets

PP Al sheets

PP Al sheets introduction and application


Mingtai Aluminum uses high-quality aluminum billet as raw material to produce PP Al sheets,the aluminum billet is first milled surface by double-sided milling machine to remove the coarse layer on the surface of the aluminum billet, and then the aluminum billet is rolled by the hot rolling equipment,the aluminum billet after hot rolling needs to be inspected,the surface must be free of air bubbles, corrosion, foreign matter, black strips, scratches, etc., and then can proceed to the next step.Mingtai Aluminum produces PP Al sheets with high quality and affordable price,welcome to contact us!


PP Al sheets application

PP Al sheets manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of PP Al sheets,we can produce various specifications of PP Al sheets,and can accept mass customization of PP Al sheets,welcome your inquiry!

PP Al sheets specification

PP Al sheets alloy:1060,3104,3105,5052,5182,8011

PP Al sheets temper:H14,H16,H18,H19

PP Al sheets thickness(mm):0.012-0.5

PP Al sheets width(mm):100-1600

PP Al sheets length(mm):all

Typical products:manufacture PP caps

PP Al sheets price

Mingtai Aluminum can provide the most affordable price of PP Al sheets, welcome to contact us!

Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturer can produce and supply PP Al sheets.

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