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aluminum pp caps sheet/coil introduction,application,specification,advantage

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aluminum pp caps sheet/coil

aluminum pp caps sheet aluminum pp caps coil

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil introduction and application

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil applicable for closing and sealing plastic and glass bottles, these screw caps or bottle closures are widely used in the packing of alcohol bottles and medical syrups.The wine and the medicinal liquor’s bottle cover are mostly made with aluminium pp caps sheet/coil.

bottle cover made with aluminum pp caps sheet/coil has superior performance, can be mechanized in mass production, non-polluting, 100% recycling, and can also meet special requirements such as high temperature steam sterilization. Because it is easy to use, it often replaces cork, it has many cap manufacturers. Favor.

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil application

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil alloy and specification

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil specification
Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Typical products
H14,H16,H18,H19 0.012-0.5 100-1600 all Bottle caps for liquor, beverages, cosmetics, etc.

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil advantage

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil has the advantages of cushioning, impact resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, non-toxicity, chemical resistance and high sealing performance.

aluminum pp caps sheet/coil can be made according to customer requirements for high temperature resistance, water resistance, alcohol resistance, etc.The surface pattern design can be color printing, convex characters,and milling, which makes the bottle cap more beautiful and the product more valuable.

Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturer can manufacture and supply high quality 1000 series-8000 series aluminum sheet/plate/coil/foil with 18 years experience.

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