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Is aluminum foil safe for food?

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Aluminum foil is a common household product that's often used in cooking.Some claim that using aluminum foil in cooking can cause aluminum to seep into your food and put your health at risk.However, others say it's entirely safe to use.This article explores the risks associated with using aluminum foil and determines whether or not it is acceptable for everyday use.

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil or tin foil is a thin, shiny aluminum sheet. It is made by rolling large aluminum sheets until the thickness is less than 0.2 mm. Its hot stamping effect is similar to that of pure silver foil stamping, so it is also called fake silver foil.Widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic bases, household daily necessities, etc.At home, people use aluminum foil for food storage, to cover baking surfaces and to wrap foods, such as meats, to prevent them from losing moisture while cooking.People may also use aluminum foil to wrap and protect more delicate foods, like vegetables, when grilling them.

Food wrapped in aluminum foil is not likely to pick up much aluminum unless the foods are acidic (think tomato sauce or a salad with a vinegar dressing). However, cooking in aluminum foil will increase the amount of the metal leached into the food.

The use of aluminum foil causes the aluminum to penetrate into the food to be very weak and has no effect on the human body.Aluminum is found naturally in a lot of foods (it is one of the earth’s most abundant elements) as well as in some antacids. The body does a good job excreting such levels of aluminum.

There is some speculation that aluminum may be involved in Alzheimer's disease or inflammatory bowel disease, but the evidence is contradictory. Most toxicologists consider the usual low levels of aluminum to be safe.That said cooking an acidic sauce in aluminum or storing acidic foods in aluminum containers may contribute off-flavors and probably should be avoided. But other uses are probably fine.

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