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Why is 1050 aluminum coil used for CTP plates?

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1050 aluminum coil is not a regular raw material for CTP plates. In the very beginning the base plate for printing industry was zinc that was later replaced by 1050 aluminum that contains at least 95.5% of aluminium, as required by both international and China aluminium alloy technical standards.

1050 aluminum coil

1050 aluminum coil is a pure aluminium alloy with low hardness and mature manufacturing process. It’s easy to make small uneven dots on the surface by chemical methods. The water retention property of the adhesion with the photosensitive layer is improved, and with it excellent image sharpness and printing appearance are obtained. The basic requirements for the appearance of aluminium printing base are complete cleanliness and smoothness without cracks, corrosion pits, spots, ventilation holes, scratches, bruises, marks, peeling, pine-like patterns, oil marks or other defects. There should be no non-metallic indentation and sticking, transverse skin, transverse lines and other defects on the surface. Neither should be slight color difference, bright stripes, bulging parts or lotus edges should be found out. With a high purity and mature process, 1050 aluminum coil can totally meet the requirements.

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