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What is the feature of the 3003 aluminum sheet?

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3003 aluminum sheet feature

The 3003 aluminum sheet is a typical aluminum alloy Al-Mn, this material has good formability,excellent forming characteristics,good weld ability and conductivity, strength higher than 1100 aluminum sheet. Besides, the 3003 aluminum sheet has smooth surface,pressure resistance; with impact resistance, it not easy to break and leakage.(more see at:3003 aluminum sheet)

3003 aluminum sheet

3003 aluminum sheet application

3003 aluminum sheet commonly used in chemical equipment, ductwork, and in general sheet metal work. 3003 aluminum sheet is also used in the manufacture of cooking utensils, pressure vessels, builder's hardware, eyelet stock, ice cube trays, garage doors, awning slats, refrigerator panels, gas lines, gasoline tanks, heat exchangers, drawn and spun parts, and storage tanks.(more see at:3003 aluminum sheet)

3003 aluminum sheet price

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