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Aluminum sheet oxidation signage use and production process

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Aluminum is a common industrial building material that, like many metals, has the general characteristics of metallic materials. Such as good toughness, easy processing, fire resistance and so on. In the sign manufacturer, the production of aluminum material identification sheet, multi-purpose aluminum sheet (we will be thicker than 0.2mm to 500mm, 200mm width, the length of 16m or less aluminum material is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet). Aluminum sheet identification sheets are used in a wide range of applications, such as equipment namesheets and various appliance nameplates.
In the daily production of the sign manufacturer, it is rare to use pure aluminum sheet as the signboard making material. Generally, the surface of the aluminum sheet is oxidized and then the signboard is produced, that is, the aluminum oxide sign. The aluminum oxidation signboard not only has the characteristics of general metal, but also has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the aluminum sheet sign.
The equipment required for the production of ordinary aluminum oxide signs is: aluminum sheet pretreatment equipment: polishing machine, sand blasting machine, brushing machine, degreasing cleaning machine. Aluminium oxidation equipment: chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing equipment, silicon rectifiers, oxidation tanks for plastics or porcelain, cooling equipment (freezers and lead pipes), compressed air mixing equipment and exhaust equipment. Aluminum oxidation post-treatment equipment: dyeing tank, sealing equipment, screen printing equipment, etching equipment, three waste treatment equipment. Other equipment: cutting machine, punching machine, molding and stamping equipment.
When the aluminum oxide signage equipment is commissioned, the aluminum oxide signboard can be produced and produced. For the production process of the aluminum sheet oxidation signboard, we only do a simple process. The production process of the aluminum oxidation signboard can be divided into two types, one is the secondary oxidation method, and the other is the combined process method. There are many combined process methods, which can be combined with screen printing, offset printing, electrophoretic paint, high-light cutting, etching, sand blasting, brushing and other processes.
The basic process of the combined process is as follows:
Slicing → brushing → oxidation → golden → spray varnish → color offset printing → spray protection paint → paste protective film → cutting and stamping → convex high-light cutting.
The secondary oxidation method is an aluminum oxidation sign production process used by most sign makers. The specific steps are as follows:
Slicing → Mechanical Polishing → Chemical or Electrochemical Polishing → Anodizing → Coloring → Sealing → Screen Printing Text, Graphics → Unwinding (Oxide Film) → Second Oxidation → Coloring → Sealing → Mechanical Polishing → Cutting and Stamping forming.
 In the aluminum oxidation sign production process, the aluminum sheet is the focus, especially the coloring and graphic production of the aluminum sheet. In the process of manufacturing the aluminum oxide sign panel, we should pay attention to the following aspects. 1. AC oxidation coloring, oxide film soft suitable for stamping convex post-processing; 2. Room temperature sulfuric acid oxidation is suitable for dyeing black; 3. Low temperature sulfuric acid oxidation, oxide film is fine and hard, suitable for dyeing indosite, gold dye, etc.; Oxidation of oxalic acid mixed acid can obtain hard oxide film under normal temperature conditions; 5. Porcelain oxidation is anodized with chromic acid and boric acid, and the surface is the same as enamel.
In the case of aluminum oxidation to produce the sign panel, the dyeing of the oxide film requires the use of a corresponding dye, and the commonly used dyes for the oxidation film are acid dyes, reactive dyes and indoline dyes. There are two kinds of dyeing methods: dip dyeing and printing, and dyeing and dyeing are further sublimated by printing and disperse dyes and then sublimated into an oxide film.
The aluminum sheet oxidation sign is relatively a small signboard, which has its own characteristics. With the continuous development of the sign making process and equipment, the market space for the aluminum sheet oxidation sign is still shrinking, such as the early equipment. Most of the namesheets are alumina sheet signs. At present, stainless steel equipment namesheets with better performance have been applied to the equipment namesheet. Regardless of the type of signage process, as a sign manufacturer, it is necessary to understand and learn how to make signboards in various traditional processes.

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