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Insulation aluminum sheet performance

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1. Insulation aluminum sheet has beautiful and durable functions
The insulation data can be closely related to the decoration surface data, and the problem that the insulation data and the decoration surface data cannot be closely related has been dealt with since then. After the contact, it is not easy to fall, nor loose, and the wind pressure resistance of the decoration surface data is enhanced. The color of the decoration surface is also diversified, and it can be processed into a shape of a forest, which can better express the decoration characteristics.
2. The fire insulation, heat insulation function and fire resistance of the thermal insulation aluminum sheet are also very good.
The heat-insulating aluminum sheet is not heated or melted, but it forms a hole-like charred material with less smoke and strong anti-ignition and resists flame extension. Even if the heat-insulating aluminum sheet is exposed to fire or high temperature, because of its outstanding heat insulation function, it is only Its appearance is rapidly rising, agile produces coke and acts as an anti-flame extension and maintains the inner core without burning, showing an outstanding fire barrier function.
3. Insulation aluminum sheet has two layers of insulation function
After testing the two-layer insulation of the thermal insulation aluminum sheet, an aluminum foil is attached to the upper die of the polyurethane foam. After the foam molding, the aluminum foil acts as a release agent, and the other side is associated with foaming and is enhanced. The wind pressure resistance of the aluminum sheet is sufficient to clarify the two layers of thermal insulation of the insulated aluminum sheet.

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