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How to remove oil from die-cast aluminum parts

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First, the classification of cleaning agents
1. Solvents: white oil, alcohol, hydrocarbon, etc.
2, water-based: water-based cleaning agent, CLF-700, etc.
Second, the method of using cleaning agents
1. If the amount of workpiece to be cleaned is small, the solvent cleaning agent should be used first.
A. Advantages: Simple operation and fast drying. Generally, just soak for a few minutes, take it up and dry it. The used waste can be recycled.
B. Disadvantages: high cost, high use cost for raw liquid use; short service life, easy to dirty, not clean thoroughly, always change; flammable and explosive, general solvents are flammable; high toxicity, general The solution will volatilize and the toxicity is greater;
C. Toxicity: white electric oil, also known as wiper water, waterlogging, skin infiltration, respiratory inhalation, accumulation, leading to long-term neurotoxicity, no cure; industrial alcohol, mainly inhalation toxicity, right Eyes cause blindness damage; hydrocarbon, whiter oil is less toxic, more alcoholic; trichloroethylene, strong carcinogenic; benzene, toluene: strong carcinogenic.
2, long-term use, a large amount of cleaning, should first use water-based cleaning agents.
A. Advantages: Non-toxic, non-flammable, and low overall cost.
B. Disadvantages: The wastewater can not be recycled, and it can be discharged after being treated with water; there are many operation steps, generally requiring three operations;
C, toxicity: no
Third, cleaning equipment and conditions
A. Solvent cleaning requires only 1 to 4 soaking tanks;
B. Water-based cleaning requires 1 ultrasonic cleaning machine or sprayer, 2-3 rinsing tanks and 1 drying device. Non-high precision cleaning can also be done by soaking or manual cleaning.

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