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Is the aluminum veneer an aluminum sheet?

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For newcomers in the aluminum industry, many people do not necessarily know the difference between aluminum and aluminum veneers. They tend to confuse the two, so the aluminum sheet is not an aluminum veneer. If it is not the difference between them, today is Here, the newcomers who have just entered the line will be popularized to avoid encountering such problems during work but do not know how to deal with them correctly.
aluminum veneer
  First of all, let us first analyze the concept from the concept. The aluminum sheet we often say refers to a rectangular sheet with a uniform rectangular cross section obtained by pressure shearing or sawing of a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material by machine. The production process of aluminum veneers is different. The aluminum veneers are made of high-quality aluminum alloy sheets. During the production process, they need to be processed by sheet metal processing and paint spraying to form a material for construction. He can be designed into a variety of shapes.
The classification between the aluminum sheet and the aluminum veneer is also completely different. The common aluminum sheets can be divided into high-purity aluminum sheets, pure aluminum sheets, alloy aluminum sheets, composite aluminum sheets, and packages. Aluminum aluminum sheets and the like; and aluminum veneers can be divided into polyester aluminum veneers and fluorocarbon aluminum veneers according to paint coating.
 Furthermore, the aluminum sheet and the aluminum veneer are also very different in terms of specifications. We generally see that the thickness of the aluminum sheet is from 0.2mm to 500mm, the width is 200mm to 600mm, and the length is within 16m; and the conventional thickness of the aluminum veneer is from 1.5mm to 4.0mm, regular width is 1.3mm, length is 4mm.
  Aluminum panels are used in a wide range of applications, from interior lighting decoration, interior decoration, to household appliances to the manufacture of aerospace vehicles. Not only the industrial field, but also the aluminum sheet can be seen in the daily life. The application range of the aluminum veneer is relatively limited, and it is usually used for the decoration of the end of the construction project, such as the building curtain wall and the indoor aluminum ceiling.
   The above is the difference between the aluminum sheet and the aluminum veneer that we briefly introduce, I hope to help everyone!

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