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How can aluminum rolls be preserved to better avoid damage?

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aluminum coil is the most used product in aluminum products, so general aluminum products processing companies will store more or less aluminum coils for emergency use. However, if aluminum coils are improperly stored during storage, aluminum coils are easily oxidized. The damage caused by the surface damage of the aluminum coil, so how can we better store the aluminum coil to avoid the above situation?
  aluminum coils have the characteristics of low density and long service life, and the aluminum coils with beautiful appearance are also commonly used materials in power plants, chemical plants, and related aluminum products enterprises. If you want to avoid damage to aluminum coils, you should start from the following two points:
  First, we must start with the aluminum coil storage environment. The reason why aluminum coils are prone to oxidation is often affected by the storage environment. When storing aluminum coils, be sure to ensure that the storage location is ventilated and dry. Also avoid storing in humid places. Because aluminum coils are non-ferrous metals, if the surface is exposed to water or the environment is humid, it is easily oxidized and forms a sheet of oxidation on the surface. The traces cause the appearance of the aluminum coil to be damaged and cannot be used in severe cases, so a good storage environment directly affects the service life of the aluminum coil.
  The second is that the packaging is better. Although the aluminum coil is shipped from the factory, the manufacturer will take certain protective measures, such as winding the waterproof film and placing the desiccant. However, when we use it, such packaging is inevitably opened. Packaging, this will leave a hidden danger for the aluminum coil to be oxidized, so if we are not a special case, try not to open the outer packaging easily. If it is not used, it needs to be sealed again and put it in the environment. Store in a well-ventilated place to ensure that our aluminum coils are not damp and damaged.
  The above two points are things that we need to pay attention to during the storage process of aluminum coils. If we can do the above two points, the aluminum coil can basically avoid oxidation, thus prolonging the service life of the aluminum coil and avoiding the loss of the enterprise.

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