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3005 aluminum sheet temper and description

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3005 aluminum sheet Basic tempers is divided into 5 types
Code Name Description and application
F Free-machining condition Applicable to products that have no special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the molding process. The mechanical properties of the product are not specified.
O Annealed state Suitable for processed products that have been fully annealed to obtain the lowest strength.
H Work hardening state Applicable to products that increase strength by work hardening. The product can be subjected to additional heat treatment after work hardening (with or without) to reduce the strength.
W Solid-melt heat treatment state Treatment state An unstable state, only applicable to alloys that are naturally aged at room temperature after solution heat treatment. This state code only indicates that the product is in the natural aging stage.
T Heat treatment state (different from F, O, H state) Applicable to products that have been stabilized after (or without) work hardening after heat treatment. The T code must be followed by one or more Arabic numerals. The first digit after the T word indicates the basic type of heat treatment (from 1 to 10), after which the digits indicate changes in the details of the heat treatment. Such as 6061-T 62; 5083-H 343 and so on.
Surface treatment of aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy sheets can be divided into two categories: non-painted products and painted products according to the surface treatment.
1) Non-painted products
(1) It can be divided into hammer-shaped aluminum sheet (irregular pattern), embossed sheet (with regular pattern) and pre-passivated alumina surface treatment sheet.
(2) These products are not painted on the surface of the board, and the appearance of the surface is not high and the price is low.
2) Paint products
(1) Classification:
According to the painting process, it can be divided into: spray sheet products and pre-roll coated sheets;
According to the type of paint can be divided into: polyester, polyurethane, polyamide, modified silicon, epoxy resin, fluorocarbon and so on.
(2) Among the various coatings, the main performance difference is the resistance to ultraviolet light from sunlight. The most common coating on the front side is fluorocarbon paint (PVDF), which has strong resistance to UV rays; Or epoxy coating as a protective lacquer. In addition, a protective film that can be peeled off can be applied to the front side.

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