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Advantage analysis of 3104 aluminum sheet

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3104 aluminum sheet elements are mainly manganese, so we also call it aluminum sheet. Our commonly used representative products are 3003 aluminum sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet, 3A21 aluminum sheet. The rust and corrosion resistance of this product is particularly good, and people in the industry are used to calling it defense. Rust aluminum sheet, often used in relatively humid environments, like air conditioners, refrigerators, car bases, many parts are made of 3104 aluminum sheet.
 3104 aluminum sheet is also a good material in the construction industry. It is widely used in exterior wall decoration, roof construction, etc. Due to the economical, beautiful and long service life of aluminum materials, and the high recycling value, the usage in recent years is increasing, we often You can see all kinds of decorations made of aluminum sheets at airports, high-speed rails and high-end villas. The 3104 aluminum sheets have good flexibility and plasticity, and have unlimited design potential. They can be processed in various ways, such as shaping, welding, riveting and Cut into dynamic 3-D geometry and so on.
 The 3104 aluminum sheet has a strong corrosion resistance, which is more prominent after pre-fabrication. This makes it easy to maintain the thin aluminum sheet for a long time even under extreme conditions. It is not expensive to maintain it. Pass the surface of the 3104 aluminum sheet. Polishing and coloring to meet the architect's high aesthetic requirements and to extend the potential life of aluminum materials. Because of these advantages, 3104 aluminum panels have become more widely used in the construction industry and manufacturing. The industry has provided a new direction for development and created greater value for the company!

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