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Aluminum sheet manufacturer teach you to identify the quality of 1060 aluminum sheet

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    The application of aluminum sheets has become more and more extensive, but there are more and more aluminum sheet manufacturers, many of which are not aluminum sheet manufacturers, directly the units of aluminum sheet distribution, so for the quality of aluminum sheets, you may not be assured, today Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturers Teach you three strokes to easily distinguish the quality of 1060 aluminum panels.
    The aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet strip formed by cold-rolling processing of aluminum. The aluminum sheet is currently the most commonly used in the market: 1060 sheets, 3003 aluminum sheets, 1050 aluminum sheets, 1100 aluminum sheets. Currently, the above aluminum sheets are the most commonly used aluminum sheets. It is also the most widely accepted aluminum sheet for the widest range of customers. Today, Mingtai Aluminum has made a list of the 1060 aluminum sheets for the above common aluminum sheets. The analysis of quality can be separated from the following three points.
    1, mainly look at whether the aluminum sheet has obvious scratches, whether the surface is flat, whether there is crack, whether there is gas, whether there are scratches, whether there are burrs, if there are any problems, it can be clearly seen, then such aluminum It is definitely not qualified, not up to standard, and it is not easy to play aluminum sheets. The quality of such aluminum sheets is low, and it is the most prone to quality problems. It is recommended that you do not purchase such aluminum sheets.
    2, to carefully check the surface of the aluminum sheet, now many aluminum sheet manufacturers do not use aluminum ingots, but the use of recycled old metal aluminum alloy materials for aluminum sheet processing, so that the price of aluminum sheets will be low, but the quality of aluminum sheets will be very poor, such as When it is bent at 90 degrees, it will crack. This aluminum sheet is called a very poor quality aluminum sheet, so we must check the color of the aluminum sheet surface after receiving the aluminum sheet. If the front is black, the back is white, and the middle is aluminum gray, then the aluminum sheet is definitely not good quality.
    The aluminum sheet made by Mingtai Aluminum has a permanent commitment to quality. You can compare the aluminum sheet of other homes with the aluminum sheet of Mingtai Aluminum. Check if the color is the same and the color difference is obvious. If the color difference of the aluminum sheet you purchased is serious. It is recommended that you do not buy from him. In this case, the quality will be very poor, and the thickness may not be standard. Therefore, if the received aluminum sheet has serious chromatic aberration or uneven color, then we must do the following checks. First, we should test the alloy composition of the aluminum sheet, and use the German spectrometer for testing. Secondly, we must check the bending of the aluminum sheet. It is bent at a right angle of 90 degrees, and the value of the angle is not less than 90 degrees. This can well detect whether the quality of the aluminum sheet is good or not. It is well known whether the 1060 aluminum sheet meets the production quality of the GB t3880 aluminum sheet.

    3, you can use smooth items, gently draw the surface of the aluminum sheet, if the surface of the aluminum sheet is a layer of white and gray scratches, then you can gently wipe, if you can not wipe it, it means that the surface of this aluminum sheet must have a certain The problem, if you can wipe it off, it proves that this aluminum oxide film is qualified, you can purchase it, but you know that aluminum sheet is easy to generate static electricity during transportation, so if the customer is going back to do anodized aluminum sheet Used, it is recommended to cover the surface of 1060 aluminum sheet.
    The above is Mingtai aluminum aluminum sheet manufacturers teach you three strokes to easily identify 1060 aluminum sheet, when purchasing aluminum sheet, it will be more clear about the quality of aluminum sheet, I believe that in the future, in the quality of aluminum sheet, can better understand, while purchasing 1060 When the aluminum sheet is used, it can be well understood that Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of 1060 aluminum sheets. If you have more questions about the 1060 aluminum sheet, you can contact us at any time. We can provide you with a detailed aluminum solution.