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Introduction of processing technology for cast aluminum sheet and hot rolled aluminum sheet

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    At present, aluminum sheets can be divided into 8 series, but the processing methods are not the same. The main reason is to distinguish the application of aluminum sheets according to the different alloys of aluminum sheets. However, the main differences are cast and rolled aluminum sheets. At present, we all know that most of the alloy aluminum sheets and three-type alloy aluminum sheets are processed by cast aluminum sheets. The remaining alloys, such as the 5052 aluminum sheet, the 6061 aluminum sheet, and the 7075 aluminum sheet, all adopt the hot-rolled aluminum sheet processing technology. So, what is the difference between their aluminum sheet processing technology? Today, Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Sheet manufacturer will introduce you to the introduction of the processing technology of cast aluminum sheet and hot rolled aluminum sheet.
Casting and rolling aluminum sheet introduction
    Casting and rolling hotels, when the aluminum alloy is smelted into rainwater and thrown into the road, such a process can be called cast aluminum sheet, usually cast aluminum sheet using original aluminum ingot, such as pure aluminum aluminum ingot above 99.6, Fang Zhirong melting The alloy is distributed in the furnace while passing. The furnace is placed in a static state, and the alloy is prepared. After processing, solidification is formed, the surface is removed, and the shape is formed by a roll of a casting mill. This kind of magical product, processing, we can call it the processing technology of cast-rolled aluminum sheet. The finished product of this aluminum sheet is still 7.0 thick film. The blank material used by Mingtai Aluminum is 7.0, cast. Rolled up the finished product.
    The advantage of cast aluminum sheet production is that the cost of producing the blank is relatively low, and the cast aluminum sheet with complicated specifications, especially the complex inner cavity parts, can show its superiority, just like the curtain wall aluminum sheet we commonly use. There are many military cast aluminum sheets, etc., because the cast aluminum sheet has the advantages of excellent price and stable quality. The casting and rolling process is the earliest casting and rolling process for aluminum sheets. At present, the aluminum alloy field has reached an extremely high level.
Hot rolled aluminum sheet process introduction
    The introduction of hot-rolled aluminum sheet process is to carry out mechanical properties processing through aluminum sheet, casting mill and hot-rolling caster, and sufficient aluminum ingots are hot-rolled finished pots. After the metal processing heat rises, the shape is shaped to reach a certain thickness of the blank material, and then the finished product obtained by the cold rolling mill is obtained. The process of the finished product is called the hot rolling production process, and the only difference between the production process and the cold rolling production process. Yes, one is to start casting, the other is to be casting, b is casting, which refers to the advantages and disadvantages of the casting and rolling process. As we have analyzed above, then we will analyze the advantages of hot-rolled aluminum. With shortcomings.
    The hot-rolled aluminum sheet is processed by hot forming, so the performance of the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is higher than that of the cast-rolled aluminum sheet. For example, in terms of stretching, the surface treatment of the performance processing machine can achieve a high application level. At the same time, the aluminum sheet achieved by the hot-rolling process aluminum sheet has a light density, and can be processed by a secondary recycling waste such as a rate. However, the hot-rolled aluminum sheet process is complicated and the equipment investment is high. Therefore, the disadvantage of the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is that the processing cost is relatively high, which is why the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is not as popular as the 13-series aluminum sheet. I am afraid this is one of them.
    Regarding the difference between the cast aluminum sheet and the cold-rolled hot-rolled aluminum sheet, the above is all the contents. More about the hot-rolled aluminum sheet and the residential aluminum sheet. The process can be different according to the analysis needs of the industry. The benefits, the hot rolling process certainly has its benefits, but the difference is probably the price, it produces a difference. However, when we choose to use it, we are not a theory of choice and superiority. We should adhere to the theory that demand is greater than everything. Only when it is suitable can we meet our requirements. Therefore, we should polish our eyes when purchasing such aluminum sheets. Choose the aluminum strip that suits you.