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Three tricks to prevent 6063 and 6061 aluminum sheet to drag black and slag

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    The defects of 6063 and 6061 aluminum sheet have been plagued by many aluminum sheet manufacturers. How to reduce the amount of scrap and improve the yield? Prevent the 6063 and 6061 aluminum sheet from dragging black and slag? The experts of the aluminum sheet manufacturer gave you three great tricks to solve:
Trick 1, production process control
1) After cutting the rod, use the air duct to blow off the dust on the aluminum rod, reduce the dust that is brought in, etc., and reduce the source of dragging and slag;
2) The residual thickness should be enough. If the pressure is too thin, the dead zone of the aluminum rod will be wound into the end of the profile, causing dragging and slag;
3) The extrusion speed should be effectively controlled, especially the end should be decelerated to prevent turbulent flow from being caught in the skin impurities;
4) Clearing the cylinder every time of production;
Trick 2, equipment, equipment adjustment
1) If the extrusion rod is not centered, the wearer will wear the material during the movement of the extrusion rod, which will cause defects such as big belly and deformation.
2) The center position of the mold base, the upper, lower, left and right sides are to be centered. It is strictly forbidden to move the mold base for production. If the upper and lower parts are not centered, the machine repair should be contacted for maintenance;
3) The size of the pressed cake should be regularly tested and replaced. For the pressed cake of the rolled edge, it will also cause blackening, slag inclusion and other scrapping;
4) Long-term use of the material gallbladder, deformation of the big belly, etc., will also result in batch scrapping. This kind of scrapping occurs in production and needs to be paid attention to. The new material must remove the dirt inside the gallbladder and polish the inner tank. After the machine can be installed.
Trick 3, mold design, production plan adjustment
1) For the plane mold, if it is necessary to install a baffle for diversion, this narrows the feed port and clamps the dead zone;
2) The material bile must fully surround the mold diversion hole. The squad leader should compare each set of molds. If there is a phenomenon that the diversion holes are too large, it cannot be produced on the machine, and it must be transferred to the large machine for production;
3) When planning the production, it is necessary to plan according to the original machine that molds the mold part (the same as the diameter of the rod can be used), and do not appear the mold of the big rod production big rod machine.
    I believe that through the teaching of the three major tricks of Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturer, we must not let everyone worry about the blackening and slag inclusion of 6063 and 6061 aluminum sheet. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us, we sincerely welcome your calls and visits.