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Aluminum sheet manufacturer talk about aluminum sheet strengthening method

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    The so-called different roads, different industries, different industries and fields, the requirements for aluminum sheets are also different, if the common road traffic, cars, buses and household appliances, etc., may be simple 1060 aluminum sheet, can be satisfied, There is no need to carry out some special hardening treatments. However, for the mechanically processed aluminum sheets, the hardness of the aluminum sheets is relatively high, so today Mingtai aluminum aluminum sheet manufacturer is talking about aluminum sheet strengthening methods.
    The 1060 aluminum sheet is lower in price than the 3003 aluminum sheet, and has already formed a large living range in the market. As we mentioned above, it is very high in the transportation field, the automobile field, the manufacturing field, and the processing machinery field. The application method, however, is that the hardness of the 3003 aluminum sheet is very high for different industries. Therefore, the 1000 aluminum sheet cannot be satisfied. Then, how to strengthen the aluminum sheet? In short, um, can be divided into two.
1, processing reinforced aluminum sheet
    The processed laminate flooring is also called cold work hardening. When the aluminum sheet is recrystallized, it undergoes a cold deformation. Just like the forging process we have seen, it is forged, calendered, drawn, stretched, etc. When cold deformation, the surface of the aluminum sheet will be The formation of dislocations causes the density to increase, and the cell structure is formed. The greater the variation, the more severe the reaction of the aluminum sheet is. The required resistance is greater, and the higher the strength, the cold rolled sheet has a disadvantage that it is strengthened after deformation. The degree and deformation, the deformation temperature and the material itself are different, and the effect is different. At present, our most common effect is that when it is deformed at the same temperature, the higher the strength, and the plasticity, there is no As high as before, this is a 3003 aluminum sheet processing, reinforced aluminum sheet.
2, solution strengthened aluminum sheet
The processing technology of this aluminum sheet is currently referred to as the 1060 aluminum sheet. In the processing of pure aluminum sheet, certain elements are formed, and it is impossible to form such a solid liquid or solid. It is also called this limited solution, and it The method can achieve a high strength after processing, and can also obtain a good plasticity and good pressure processing function, so the 1060 aluminum sheet reinforcement is the most used, which is a solid solution strengthened aluminum sheet. In the process of strengthening the aluminum sheet, the most commonly used alloying element is copper. Each manganese-zinc is returned to the Nie element. Generally, the aluminum alloy is finite solid when it is strengthened, but when it is strengthened by the 1060 aluminum sheet, it has a large solubility. Therefore, it is more suitable for such solid solution strengthening effect.
    After the above two methods of aluminum sheet strengthening, the effect can be obviously improved. The above is the aluminum sheet reinforcement method of Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., hoping to help you, showing the high integration of aluminum sheet reinforcement in aluminum sheet application. At present, no matter what method can not improve the highest hardness value of the aluminum sheet, only the choice of alloy grade is to choose a higher, more suitable for yourself, and whether it is suitable for tensile or extensional aluminum strip, I hope to have you Helped.