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Detailed analysis of the advantages of pure aluminum sheet at 9 levels

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    Aluminum life has entered all aspects of our lives, especially the 1 series of pure aluminum sheets we use most recently, as well as 3 series, 3003 alloy aluminum sheets. All belong to the current application rate. Agree to the aluminum alloy series with low price, stable quality and obvious advantages. At present, the aluminum content in the pure aluminum sheet is the highest, and the aluminum content is generally above 99.00%. Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum sheet manufacturer have analyzed the advantages of pure aluminum sheets in detail from nine levels.
    1. Low density: The density of pure aluminum is close to 2700kg/m3, which is about 35% of the density of iron.
    2. It can be strengthened: pure aluminum can be doubled by the original strength standard after cold processing. Pure aluminum can be further strengthened by adding relevant alloys, and its strength can be compared with high-quality alloy steel.
    3. Easy processing: pure aluminum sheet has no other alloying elements, plasticity is the best in other series, can be rolled into thin sheets and foils; drawn into pipes and filaments; extruded into various civilian profiles; can be used in most machine tools The maximum speed that can be achieved is machining machining such as turning, milling, boring and planing.
    4. Corrosion resistance: The surface of aluminum and its alloys tends to form a dense, protective film. This protective film will be destroyed only by the intense action of halogen ions or alkali ions. Therefore, pure aluminum sheets have good resistance to atmospheric and industrial corrosion and water corrosion.
    5. No low-temperature brittleness: The pure aluminum sheet is below zero degrees Celsius, the instantaneous temperature is lowered, the intensity and plastic inequality will not decrease, but it will increase, so the pure aluminum sheet is free of low-temperature brittleness.

    6. Strong reflectivity: The polished surface of pure aluminum sheet has a reflectivity of more than 80% for white light. The higher the purity, the higher the reflectivity. At the same time, aluminum has good reflection properties for infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, heat radiation, and the like.

    8. The price is cheap: the pure aluminum sheet is simple in production process and mature in production technology, so the production cost is lower than that of the alloy sheet, and the sales are also cheaper than other aluminum sheets.
    9. Novel appearance: When the aluminum sheet is widely used in the current application in the project of thermal insulation engineering, the appearance can be greatly applied, so the appearance is beautiful and it is also an important aspect of the 9 layers of pure aluminum sheet.
    Looking at the above nine detailed advantages, we can be sure that the pure aluminum sheet currently occupies a very important application position in our lives. Therefore, the current market share of pure aluminum sheets is also very large. The above is the advantage of the detailed analysis of pure aluminum sheets on 9 levels introduced by Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum sheet manufacturers.