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Mingtai Aluminum answer your questions about 3003 aluminum sheet materials in detail

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    As the anti-rust aluminum sheet, 3003 aluminum sheet is the most widely used alloy with the most promising prospects. Its anti-rust performance is introduced and applied by the industry, but do you really understand the 3003 aluminum sheet? Do you know the composition of 3003 aluminum sheet? Taking this opportunity, Mingtai Aluminum will answer your questions about the 3003 aluminum sheet.
    The 3003 aluminum sheet belongs to the 3XXX alloy series aluminum sheet and has Mn element. As we all know, in the periodic table, aluminum and manganese are relatively active metals. Its alloy is in front, it has a very active type, because the 3003 aluminum sheet in the process of processing, because of the 3003 aluminum sheet material composition, it is easy to make the 3003 aluminum sheet to form color, this is also a problem that the whole industry can not avoid.
    Regarding the mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum sheet, the mechanical strength of 3003 aluminum sheet, the national standard of tensile strength is 140-180 units is Mpa, and the yield strength of 3003 aluminum sheet in the normal test range is σ0.2 (MPa) ≥115, That is, what is required on the national standard cannot be greater than 115Mpa.
    The alloy material of the 3003 aluminum sheet is as follows: manganese Mn: 1.0 to 1.5; copper Cu: 0.05 to 0.2; iron Fe: 0.7; silicon Si: 0.60; zinc Zn: 0.10; aluminum Al: balance. From the above alloy composition, we can clearly see that the "Mn Manganese" alloy element plays an important role in the proportion of the alloy. This is the price difference of 3003 aluminum sheet in our common 1060 aluminum sheet. The 3003 aluminum sheet is called rust-proof aluminum sheet because the aluminum sheet material contains high manganese content, which makes the 3003 aluminum sheet have high anti-rust performance.
    The above content is Mingtai Aluminum for your detailed answer to the 3003 aluminum sheet material composition. I believe that through the understanding of the above small article, I believe that you can clearly understand the composition of the 3003 aluminum sheet material. Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is an aluminum sheet manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum and aluminum coils. It owns large aluminum sheet manufacturers and has the qualification for complete aluminum sheet production. The price is low and the product specifications are all! Welcome to click on the product details to learn more about Mingtai Aluminum!