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Aluminum sheet manufacturer teach you to judge the quality of aluminum sheet from four aspects

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    As a new type of durable and corrosion-resistant raw material, aluminum sheet has been widely used in various fields. As an aluminum sheet purchasing company, if you want to purchase a good hotel, the quality of the aluminum sheet must be the first choice for purchasing, because it is about us. The quality of the finished product, if we say that the finished product we buy food products must also be very poor. It can be seen that the importance of raw materials is quite critical when purchasing aluminum sheets, but many people may not know how to judge the quality of aluminum sheets. Today, Zhongzhou Aluminum Aluminum Sheet Factory teaches you to judge the quality of aluminum sheet from four aspects.
1, aluminum sheet surface quality problems
    When we purchase the aluminum sheet, we will definitely see the quality of the aluminum sheet. First of all, from the packaging point of view, there must be no outsourcing damage or there may be problems such as rain, bumps, high damage, etc. If there is such a problem, we Be sure to choose to reject the processing, and at the same time, promptly feedback to the force board manufacturer, take care of its camera video, let it hurry to make a refund of the feed, etc. At the same time, after we open the aluminum sheet, we must carefully check whether there is a stick on the surface of the aluminum sheet. Sticky injury, scratching, or whether it is flatter than the surface, is there any other problem, such as the yellow spot problem that we often see on the surface is the most demanding problem in the aluminum sheet, if there are several problems on the surface, then it is definitely It is a quality problem of aluminum sheet manufacturer, which is definitely not conducive to the processing and production of our products. The surface is certainly not beautiful, so it will seriously affect the use of procurement. Therefore, when we purchase aluminum sheets, we guarantee the quality of aluminum sheets and the outer packaging. Points must be a very important reference and preferred, so we recommend that you choose large Aluminum, the real manufacturer, so you can bring stability to the quality assurance of products.
2, aluminum sheet thickness tolerance detailed evaluation
    When we have no problem in disassembling the aluminum sheet, the surface does not have the above-mentioned quality problems. We have to measure the thickness tolerance. We mainly measure four aspects of the thickness tolerance. First, the thickness is commonly used by us. Micrometer mechanical micrometer to measure, to ensure the accuracy of the measuring instrument, to ensure that the thickness tolerance is within the scope of our requirements, if its length, thickness thickness tolerance deviation and other issues, timely feedback, the second to measure the aluminum sheet Length width, this is also very important point, if our equipment requirements are strict, then we certainly can not let the aluminum sheet appear too long or wide.
    Therefore, the requirements on this point are particularly important, and it is absolutely impossible to allow products to appear in factories with more than two millimeters or less than two millimeters. The third point, about the diagonal of the aluminum sheet, this point is also particularly important, whether the diagonal of the female version meets the requirements of the national standard, which determines the quality of the aluminum sheet, that is, the flatness of the aluminum sheet, if the female version is correct The angles are far apart, so the quality can be described as poor and poor. It is definitely not practical. It can also be said that the flatness of the fourth aluminum sheet is not flat or unstable, and the flatness of the sheet is After the above engineering measurements are no problem.
    It is necessary to look in detail whether the flatness of the aluminum sheet is flat, whether there is wave, and whether the temperature of the wave conforms to the national standard. This is especially important because the wave of the aluminum sheet is difficult to be punched and so on, so we must control it properly. Make sure that there is no problem with the product. In this case, whether we are processing or selling, we will not cause problems on the surface of the aluminum sheet, which will make our product quality more stable and more secure.
3, the chemical composition of the aluminum sheet
    After we have determined the thickness, length, width and surface quality of the aluminum sheet, packaging and other issues, we will secondly determine whether you have the quality problem of each batch meet the chemical composition standard of the aluminum sheet, whether it is the quality of the aluminum sheet shipped with its manufacturer. There is a certain relationship between the certificates, so we must control such problems. We can use German spectrometers to ensure that the aluminum alloys we tested are consistent with the quality certificates we have brought, so that we can't make problems on the surface of the aluminum sheet, so we It is necessary to carry out detailed inspections, and each data must be tested three times, and the quality must be guaranteed.
4, whether the performance of the aluminum sheet meets the standard
    When testing the composition of the aluminum sheet, we can check the performance of the aluminum sheet, such as the performance of the aluminum sheet mentioned above, so that we can test it by the stretching machine, or use the hardness instrument to check whether the surface hardness of the aluminum sheet is In line with the standard, if the aluminum sheet is shipped from the factory, we require the h24 state, and whether he is in the h18 state is also very important.
    Therefore, we must test whether the performance standard of aluminum sheet is the same as what we require. Regarding the performance standard of aluminum sheet, we mainly test the tensile strength of aluminum sheet, the yield strength of aluminum sheet and the elongation of the sheet and the hardness of the sheet. It is the most important point concerning the quality of aluminum sheets. If we have high requirements for stamping, we can test the yield strength more than three times. In this way, we can guarantee the aluminum strips we use, and there will be no problems with aluminum sheets in the later stage.
    In summary, I believe that you must understand a few key features of the quality judgment of aluminum panels. The above is the aluminum alloy manufacturer of Mingtai Aluminum, which teaches you to judge the details of the quality of aluminum panels from four aspects. The quality of aluminum panels is necessary for our procurement. First choice, so we must learn to judge the quality of aluminum sheet selection. The above four aspects of judging the quality of aluminum sheet may be somewhat one-sided, but it is the most practical aspects at present, we must pay special attention, so we are using It is only necessary to ensure that the quality of the aluminum sheet does not cause problems.