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Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum tread plate is superior in quality

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    Mingtai Aluminum is a leader in the aluminum processing industry. It has been engaged in aluminum processing for more than 20 years. It has won the honor of China Top 10 Aluminum Sheet and Strip, and established the Aluminum Sheet and Foil Research Center. The quality of the products produced is guaranteed. Customers build long-term relationships. Among them, Mingtai Aluminum's 5052 aluminum plate products have sold 1 million tons so far, and the 5052 aluminum tread plate has superior performance and is widely used.
    5052 aluminum tread plate is a representative product of non-slip aluminum plate. The advantages of this series of products are: high hardness. This series belongs to the representative series of alloy aluminum plate, which has high tensile strength and hardness has obvious advantages in similar products. The aluminum-magnesium alloy product also includes a 5754 aluminum tread plate). It has strong corrosion resistance and good anti-rust effect. The 5052 aluminum plate product is added with magnesium alloy during the processing. The content can reach more than 2.5%. It has good corrosion resistance and anti-rust performance, and can be well adapted to high strength and high resistance. Corrosive occasions have a good application effect on ships, vehicles and working platforms, and have great advantages over 1060-aluminum tread plates.
    The 5052 aluminum tread plate has five ribbed aluminum plates, one rib, two ribs and three ribbed aluminum plates. The 5052 pattern is mainly applied to the ground or the work platform is non-slip. At present, the pedals are widely used, and at the same time, the application of the car and the bottom of the ship is anti-skid. More extensive. 5052 five-ribbed aluminum plate can be used as the inner wall of the refrigerating room, high-grade refrigerator and large transport vehicle; secondly, the aluminum plate has certain anti-oxidation function, because the pattern is used in the refrigerating room, the refrigerator, etc., and can be in contact with the liquid for a long time. It does not undergo oxidation, so it has a certain antioxidant function.
    In addition to the 5052 aluminum plate, the main products of the aluminum tread plate are 1xxx series, 3xxx series and 6xxx series aluminum alloy plates. The quality of the products makes Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum tread plate popular in the domestic and foreign markets. The company's production of a ribbed plate in the North American market has a 60-70% share, of which the platen occupancy below 1.6mm thickness reaches 80%.